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Box design, fabrication, and materials


Do you carry any stock sized boxes?

No, all our boxes are custom designed and fabricated based on your specifications.


How do I select fabrics and papers to use on my box?

Please see our materials page for a selection of book cloths and papers. If you don't see what you are looking for please let us know and will look for materials that will suit your project.


What do  I do if I am not sure what materials to select?

Let us help you! We are happy to suggest papers and book cloths to help compliment your object. Let us be creative for you.


Where do you get your materials?

We source our materials from reputable suppliers of archival quality bookmaking supplies. Please see our list of materials to select from.


Are the materials used archival and appropriate for conservation?

All the materials we use: book cloths, papers, boards, and glues are archival quality and appropriate for conserving your object


Can I get samples of materials?

Yes, please just let us know what materials you are interested in getting sample of. Please see our list of materials to select from.


Can I have Biblio Boxes design a box that will compliment my object?

Absolutely, it is actually what we do best. We pride ourselves on being able to find inspiration in any object and apply it to a selection of materials. If you decide to do this we will send you combinations that we think will work for you to pick from


How do I know what type box design to pick? 

If you are uncertain then please send us images of your object(s) and we will help you decide what type of box will best suit your needs.


Ordering my box


How do I order?

At the present time, we are asking that you email us the particulars of your project. Please see "how to order" for more information and also "materials" for a selection of papers and cloths.


How do I know if the materials I select will compliment my object?

We are more than happy to advise you and help guide your selection. Just send us images of your object.


Do you provide custom labels?

Yes! Please tell us what sort of label you are looking for and what you want it to say. If you decide to have laser printed label made we will do this free of charge. If there is another sort of label you are looking for please let us know and we will work with you.


How long does it take to get a completed box?

Our boxes and cases are all hand-made based on your specifications. Please allow 3-4 weeks to complete your project. If you order more than one box we will let you know how long the project will take. 


How do I pay for the box?

You can pay via paypal or personal checks are accepted but must clear before we can mail your order.


Can I order more than one box at a time?

Absolutely, just make it clear in your email to us what you are looking for.




Shipping costs are based on the size and weight of your finished order. We use USPS to ship within the United States. You may choose Next Day, 2-Day, 3-Day, and Ground. Once we determine the size and weight of your order we will notify you of the shipping costs. All orders have a $5.00 handling cost to help cover packing materials.


We are happy to ship internationally but please contact us directly about pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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